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It's time to Rise from Inside and connect to your Higher Self.

I'm Ashley Patzer, an ocean loving, summer rays addict, passionate about helping women grow and be comfortable in their own skin.


Like the most balanced and stable shape, the triangle, I help you  tackle the primary three points of your life including your mind, body and spirit. Through this process I help you build a stronger foundation and discover the power that is already within you, because you already have all the answers. I am here to help you listen to them.

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Working with Ashley I was able to start tapping in to my higher self and take it to the next level.


We all have our own spiritual path that we need to walk so we can grow and flourish. Ashley can help you get there. Her purpose and passion is helping you become the best version of yourself.  

Nichole McCahill

Ashley has made a huge impact on my life in so many ways. She exudes an incredible energy of positivity, hope, and love. I began attending her yoga classes and loved her vulnerability in her teaching style.


She is extremely intuitive and someone who can help guide you through any stage of life that you're in. If you haven't worked with Ashley yet, you MUST - because she might just have a huge impact on your life!


Ashley has an incredible energy you just can’t get enough of. Her awareness of self butterflies off and inspires others to unlock their truest form. Ashley’s classes are the perfect combination of badass and zen! 


Ashley embodies what it means to live in the present moment and brings out the best in every one she meets by being unapologetically herself. Do yourself a favor and work with this girl!

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