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How to stay positive through the unexpected...

Life right? We tend to have our minds set for our lives to go a certain way. We plan our jobs, our relationships, all the material things we want, etc. Well what happens when things don't go our way?

If you're anything like me, you look up to the sky and scream 'why, universe why?!' Know you are not alone.

I turn 30 this year and thought I would be living the American dream. Married, kids, a house. All the things society tells us we need.

My reality... Laid off from my job, living in a city with no family, have nothing close to a romantic relationship, and definitely no kids. As I type this a dark cloud hovers over my head and a hail storm is about to hit. I look up to the sky and yell 'why, universe why?!' Why can't I have what I want. Why am I starting over my life over at 30. Why, why why?

Then I realized something. I wasn't meant for the easy road. I was made for this shit. As women, we could easily settle. Settle for the guy who's nice and can take care of you financially. It's easy to continue to stay at the same job because it's comfortable. If you ask yourself the question why am I unable to settle for those things, it's because you are made for this shit. You weren't made for the easy, or the mundane, or what everyone else is doing. You were made to be strong. Made to lead by example. To help those who are afraid to follow their dreams or follow their true path in life.

You were made to show them that, they can to, follow their hopes and dreams. Stop living in fear and learn to live and vibrate from a place in love. We are warriors. Believers in the unbelievable. Taking the road less traveled.

Let us unite together and lift each other up because this life ain't easy. Let's be honest, it's hard AF, but we are here to shake this world and show people that the easy path isn't always the easiest. One saying I love is 'it may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

I wish I could tell you it's all butterflies and rainbows over here, but it's not. I am dealing with my shadow and darkness, but I know I will rise above. My future self is thanking me for being a bad bitch and staying true to me.

Fuck everyone else. They think you're too emotional? Fuck em'. They think you're all over the place? Fuck em'. You don't fit in a box? Fuck em'.

YOU BE YOU and fuck everyone else.

-Namaste! I'm all love and light and a little go fuck yourself :)

Stay calm through the chaos...